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Moths Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester
5/31/2012 4:38:23 PM

Moths Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port

I was called to a house in Ellesmere Port which was plagued by moths.

The moths were mainly found around the landing of the property and into the bathroom and front bedroom. After a quick spray with a permethrin based insecticide the moths were collected and examined.

On examination 3 species of moth were found. They were brown house moth, white shouldered house moth and clothes moth.

The roof space was the most likely source due to the moths being found around the access hatch. It was inspected for further moth activity. More moths of each species were found in the roof space.

The roof space is currently being used to store bin bags full of old clothes. These clothes provide a perfect source of food for the moths.

To destroy the moth larva and eggs the clothes should be washed on a high temperature wash.

The roof space itself will be treated. A fumigation will kill adult insects that are flying around and a residual insecticide applied to the boards and floor will kill any moth larva that are not in the clothes.

After the clothes are washed they should be repacked into air tight bags to prevent further risks from moth attacks.

Recourse Pest Control has expert solutions for all your moth problems.

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Moths Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port

Bee's Pensby, Wirral
5/31/2012 2:50:03 PM

Bee's Pensby, Wirral

Mason bee's do not form colonies like honey bee's or bumblebee's. They are solitary insects that nest in reeds, holes in wood or holes in stonework and mortar. They are not generally considered pests unless they become of concern to the property owner.

I attended a call in Pensby, Wirral, and was confronted by a large number of bee's visiting an empty flower bed in the middle of a lawn. The flower bed was circular and about 3 metres in diameter. The soil was relatively heavy clay and had been recently flooded (within 2 weeks).

The bee's had dug a circular hole in the soil which was about 5 inches in diameter and about 2 inches deep. At the bottom of this pit was a hole the size of a 5p with multiple tunnels leading off from the entrance. The bee's where carrying clay from the flower bed to holes in the brickwork in the house (to nest) but where also using the putty like clay of the flower bed to make nest holes in (the hole/tunnels at the bottom of the pit).

To stop the bee's using the flower bed involved using methods to remove there preference for the border.

The small nesting site was treated with insecticide then the border was turned over using a spade and then compost picked up from a local garden centre was added to cover the clay.

The bee's were also found to be nesting around the doorway of the house. They were using holes in the brickwork. The insects lay their eggs at the bottom of the hole and then fill the hole with pollen for the larva to feed on. The hole is then plugged with clay and left by the adult bee. The photo shows the bee plugging the hole with clay.

Bee's are a very important part of the pollination process for flowers and crops but when they become a concern for the property owner they need controlling.

The compost on the border will stop the bee's from using that source of clay, and a small amount of insecticide into the bee holes around the door will stop any further activity by the house. The holes will be plugged to stop any further bee's nesting.

Recourse Pest Control can provide effective control solutions throughout Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port.

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Ants Wirral, Chester, Ellesmere Port
5/31/2012 2:21:11 PM

Ants Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port

Recourse Pest Control offers an excellent low priced ant control in Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port.

It is now well into the ant season and the ants are very active. At this time of year the ants are foraging for food trying to build up their nests in size before the mating flight which is usually in July/August.

It is this time where the foraging ants often find their way into houses and find sources of food. All it takes is one ant to find food. This single ant will follow its own trail back to the nest where it will pass the information of where the food source is. The single foraging ant can quickly become a steady stream of ants taking food back to the nest.

Phone us at Recourse Pest Control to treat your ant problem in Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester. We guarantee our work so on the off chance the initial treatment doesn’t work you can call us back for free.

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Ants Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port



blue bottle fly, wirral, chester, ellesmere port
5/24/2012 8:36:51 PM
Blue bottle fly, Wirral, Chester, Ellesmere Port

A blue bottle.
For prices on control of this fly click

Blue bottle fly Wirral, Chester, Ellesmere Port
Cockchafers Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port
5/23/2012 8:31:37 PM
Cockchafers Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port

Our first call out for cockchafers (May bugs) was carried out today. These are a few photos of the beasties in question.

The business card is to show a size reference (its a normal sized business card).
The call came in as suspected cockroaches in a domestic property in Tarvin near Chester. On entering the house the owner presented me with two male cockchafers. They had been brought in from outside by the owners cats.

Cockchafers are not domestic or commercial pests (much to the relief of the home owner). They are a pest to agriculture and forestry. The larval form is a large maggot like creature that feeds on roots. They used to be a major concern to farmers, destroying many potato crops, before the introduction of modern systemic pesticides.

The insect stays in its larval form for 4 years. In this time it consumes a large amount of plant matter. As an adult it only survives long enough to breed and lay eggs.

Because no treatment was required for the cockchafers there was no charge for the home owner.

At Recourse Pest Control we are building our reputation by offering expert advice and treatments. 

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5/22/2012 8:48:53 PM

An aphid crawling on my hand....

...and its predator a 2 spot ladybird.

Please check out this excellent site surveying the UK's ladybirds
Flies Wirral, Flies Chester
5/22/2012 8:38:12 PM
Flies Wirral, Flies Chester, Fly Control

This is a photo of a green bottle. It is a common pest species here in the UK. It is a member of the blowfly family. It feeds and breeds on rotting meat and faeces. It is a serious pest to sheep and causes 'sheep strike'. Sheep strike is where the adult fly lays eggs near a sheeps anus and the maggots feed on the sheeps faeces and often begin to feed on the sheep itself.

It is not often found inside buildings unlike its close relative the blue bottle.

The blue bottle has similar habits to the green bottle. It also has the potential to be a very serious pest. It breeds in rotting meat and faeces and can quite easily bring germs from these sites in to the house and kitchen.

There are various different treatments for controlling flies.

Recourse Pest Control can provide all types of treatments these include adult fly knockdown, fly alighting surface treatments and breeding site eradication.

We also provide proofing for flies to stop any entering your property.

We provide bespoke fly screening for all doors and windows, and supply and fit electronic fly killers and door air screens to any property.

Phone Recourse Pest Control for your free survey and quote.

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Flies Wirral, Flies Chester, Fly Control
Mouse Control Wirral, Chester, Ellesmere Port
5/22/2012 7:53:05 PM

Mouse/Mice Control Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester

This is a photo of rodenticidal grain bait in an external bait station. The droppings are from a field mouse.

The bait has been kibbled. This is where individual grains are picked up and the shell removed. It is an easy way to distinguish between rat and mouse takes.

Rats have larger hands/paws so pick the grains up and either eat them whole or bite them in half and leave the lower portion.

Another sign that bait has been taken by field mice is that they leave territorial markers on the bait. This will be sticks, stones or any other small objects. This will deter other mice from eating their food.

In this case there are plenty of droppings but no territorial markers. Normally this would suggest house mice but break back traps in this property have caught multiple field mice on previous visits.

Recourse Pest Control provides rat and mouse control throughout Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port.

Examples of services and service prices can be found here

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Mouse/Mice Control Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester

Rat Control Birkenhead, Wirral. Rats Birkenhead Wirral
5/17/2012 10:38:51 PM

Rat Control Birkenhead, Wirral.

This is a picture of one of a series of rat burrows I found under a tree in Birkenhead. The tree is in a park opposite a row of shops. The shops include a take away, a cake shop and a newsagent. One of these shops had phoned to have the rats controlled.

All three shops demonstrated good house keeping practises and keep their waste sealed in commercial wheelie bins. Unfortuenately the rats where finding access to the rubbish through drainage holes in the bottom of the bins. This rubbish has provided the rats enough food to survive and reproduce.

The problem was solved easily by blocking the holes in the bottom of the bins with mesh and by placing rat bait stations around the yard area of the shops (where the bins are kept). The removal of the food in the environment will force the rats to find another food source. This is where they will find the bait in the tamper proof bait stations. Control of the rats will be acheived after the rats have consumed the bait.

Recourse Pest Control provides rat control in Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port.

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Woodlice Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port.
5/16/2012 8:46:55 PM
The woodlouse is a crustacean with a long segmented body. There are over 3000 species. Their armoured shell provides a good defence against predators.

Woodlice do not spread any major diseases but can still spread germs as they walk across different surfaces. They can be easily controlled using insecticides but its not always recommended. The presence of woodlice normally indicates a damp problem. To remove the damp problem would normally resolve the woodlice.

In some situations the damp in properties cannot be removed. This is when spraying insecticide becomes a feasable option.

Recourse Pest Control can spray your house to control woodlice.

Phone for woodlouse control in Wirral, Chester and Ellesmere Port.
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